Our Specialties

Chocolate Fountain


The Chocolate Fountain table quickly becomes 

the Gathering Place at your Event! 

Featuring Premium Rich Dark Chocolate, Creamy Milk Chocolate or Velvety White Chocolate with cool dipping items like, Strawberries, Pretzel Stick, Marshmallows, Rice Crispy Treats 

and many more to choose from. 

Queso Bar


Perfect for Hors d'oeuvre table, Snack Table, Wine Tasting Events, Cocktail Hour and much more. Your guest will enjoy the warm Tortilla chips with toppings such as Jalapenos, 

Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream, Guacamole, 

Black beans just to name a few. 

What a Great Way to Start Your Fiesta!

S'mores Bar


What A great way to keep your guests out of their seats! They'll be able to roast their own Marshmallows and Sandwich Up their 

own S'mores Treat...

Need we say more?